Sevilla: How to spend a day at the Mercado de Triana

IT may appear small from its unassuming entrance to the right of the end of Isabel II bridge, but the Mercado de Triana is packed with gastronomic and cultural offerings. 

From fresh fruit to jamon, oysters, tapas, flamenco and more, below are the best places to visit inside the market. 

1. Ostreria & Sushi De Mercado

If you’re looking to treat yourself, splash out on some oysters and sushi at the Ostreria and Sushi stalls. It may be a little pricey but the oysters are extremely fresh and definitely worth the splurge. 

2. Bar La Muralla

If you’re looking for somewhere more reasonable, head to Bar La Muralla for fantastic Iberico jamon. It also has delicious fried fish and a rather rare Andalucian treat. Known as ortiguillas, the fried sea anemones look like fried seaweed but are actually living organisms and give a taste of oysters – for a much cheaper price. 

3. La Casa Fundida

Cheese lovers must not leave Triana – or even Sevilla – without visiting La Casa Fundida. The quirky bar offers six types of cheese fondues, including one with pesto. There is also a very interesting tapas menu.

4. Casala Theater

You would never imagine at first glance that the market would also be able to give you a show. But there is indeed a small space designated for various performances, including plays and live flamenco. 

5. Tapincho, vinos y tapas

You can’t get much better than Tapincho’s €1 bottles of beer and the perfect traditional tapas menu. Dig in to foie croquettas and succulent lamb chops, all washed down with a nice cold beer.

6. Donde Juan Carlos

Before heading out of the market, head to Donde Juan Carlos for an almost unrivalled collection of gins. With more than 80 varieties on offer, you’re sure to have the opportunity to try something new. It also has some scrumptious cakes.


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