Italica: Visit Spain’s Roman ruins that starred as Game of Thrones’ Dragonpit

Just 9km as the bird flies north west from Sevilla are the ruins of ancient Italica, which was the first Roman city founded on the Iberian Peninsula or Hispania as it was then known.

The city was founded in 206 BC and was the birthplace of three emperors; Trajan, Hadrian and Theodosius.

It boasts one of the largest amphitheatres ever built with enough room to host up to 30,000 spectators as it staged gladiator battles and pitted wild animals against each other.

Photo by Diego Delso/Flickr

Games of Thrones fans will recognise it as the location of the Dragonpit in season 7.

You will also find the remains of broad paved streets and houses set around patios with mosaic floors.

Photo by Claire_h/Flickr

Highlights include the Casa de los Pájaros (House of the Birds), the Edificio de Neptuno (Building of the Neptune Mosaic), and the Casa del Planetario (House of the Planetarium), with a mosaic depicting the gods after whom the seven days of the week were named.


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