Sevilla: A guide to clubbing in La Cartuja

WITH much fewer residential blocks, La Cartuja has become something of a late night mecca. 

Revellers from across the city head to the north-east neighbourhood for its nightclubs and ‘terrazas’ – particularly in those hot summer nights. 

Below are the most popular. 


To the left of Isla Magica, on Calle Matematicos Rey Pastor y Castro, Rosso is a huge open-air club where Sevillanos go to get loose. 

Playing the latest reggaeton, the venue puts on a show, with dramatic lighting and scantily-clad dancers. The dress code is smart and entry can be around €20, so make sure you look your best. 

Antique Theatro 

Immediately next to Rosso is the Antique Theatro. It is often regarded as one of the best clubs in Sevilla and plays good reggaeton and dance music. Much like Rosso it is around €20 for entry and the bouncers have a reputation for not letting in people if they’re not dressed appropriately – so go smart!

Lux Terraza 

Nearby Lux Terraza has a much more relaxed vibe with casual dress accepted. It is marketed as a gay venue but everyone is made welcome with a good mix of friendly people. The music is more mixed with everything from reggeaton, R&B and as the night rolls on, techno. Entry is also around €20 but as with almost every venue a free drink is included.


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